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About Us

Vision for Hope

The vision for the center started in 1995 in response to  the need for vocational training for young adults.  In rural Mozambique many young people have completed primary education but are not equipped to gain employment or to generate an income by working from home. Construction of the center started in 1998 and the first students enrolled on a furniture making course in 2002.  

Discipleship Training

As a center we seek to see students lives transformed through the partnership of high quality practical training and personal renewal by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We place a high emphasis on training for excellence so that graduates have the capacity to train others.



Associação Tariro

Tariro Christian Technical Training Center is registered in Mozambique with the National Institute for Employment and Professional Training as Centro Cristão de Formação Profissional Tariro. It is operated by Associação Tariro which is registered in Mozambique as a national non-profit association.


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