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Seasons at Tariro

We anticipate a great harvest of hearts and minds, as our students enter the second and final year of training.

Join us as we pray Gods favor on our students as we arrange placement for practical application in the local workforce for the midterm.

Our Garden
A New Year of Hope - 2017

You never know what is gonna spark a relationship! It could be a simple word, an act of kindness or a little sponge painting. When Terri, New Director of Tariro, moved into the house at Tariro, she felt it needed a feeling of warmth and love. How better to do that than a coat of fresh paint?! Being the creative person God created her to be, she went to work with a couple of buckets of paint and a plastic bag for a brush. A week or so later some students delivered a bookcase. She had asked them to modify it into a coat-rack and they were so impressed with the paint job and asked to learn the technique.


A New Year of Hope - 2017


Months later, while doing year end maintenance and cleaning, they got their chance and about six students spent a week cleaning and painting the workshops, classroom and office. It was great fun! They were singing worship songs, making jokes and spending time together learning something new.


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